In Covid by jordankent

If you’re looking to improve upon your writing mark, here are a few opportunities to do so. I’m really flexible with how you could demonstrate writing competency, so be sure to email with suggestions or questions.

  • Write an article about “Letting Go”
    • Remember “Letting Go” is the general topic and it’s your goal to come up with a specific topic. Consider writing about losing someone, moving from home, quitting vaping, etc.  The article should be written for the teen audience. It should be between 600-800 words.
    • Here’s a magazine with the resources to help with the article.
    • Check the rubric and revision sheet before submitting it. Feel free to get a peer editor.
  • Continue to work on your journal (free writes)
    • Complete 6 entries about any subject. Try to make them varied so they aren’t all the same topic or genre
    • Choose your favourite, build on it, edit, and submit. I’m looking for a piece that is 400 to 800 words.
    • Check out the Free Write Handout ( No need for a table of contents)