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If you’re looking to improve upon your reading mark, here are a few opportunities to do so. Email if you have any questions. If you’d rather do an oral response, that could be arranged.

Be sure to check out the Reading response resources that I have put together and the Reading response task breakdown.

Write a response to one of the following stories
Journey to Ompah – We read this in class and many of you started a response to it so this should be your go-to task.

I’m Still Here – A stubborn man won’t leave his home. We worked on this in class. It’s a rich story about home, family, and land.

The Floating Life – This apocalyptic short story is about ship stranded at sea. It’s not zombies and Mad Max though. It’s a student and teacher trying to make sense of their worlds.

Everyday Use – A short story by Alice Walker who we read earlier in the year. It’s a complicated family relationship that explores tradition, tragedy, and race.